Thursday, June 27, 2013

a slippery thing, this "time" business

it's been months since i've put "pen to paper." myriad excuses, some valid, most inconveniently trumped-up. i owe (myself and) my readers a second part to explanation of blog title. i know this. it sits in the back of my neuronal circuitry and sometimes wreaks havoc on my sleep.

where does the time go?

it goes into paltry little soundbites to still keep myself relevant in virtual-land. a long-time foe of facebook and other social media sites, i abashedly admit that i frequent it too often, rely on it too much, in a soundbite way, to pass on information, share soundbite opinions, rail against injustice.

the meaningful existence required to keep us honest and functional has been relegated to re-postings, with largely nary an "OMG!" addition from me to preface the post.


and so one slips down the tunnel of time-evanescent, time-in-arrears, time-disowned.

lest i berate lack of time to blog, must remember lack of time to do other more significant, equally, if not more so, meaningful things, like cook healthy food for growing boy-child, plant flowers, spend time with friends who struggle with varied parenting challenges. or just spend time. period. lovely, unstructured, free time. where is this time? where has it gone? can i buy some? can i AFFORD it?

blessed summer days. rushing to get to camp and work in the morning. rushing to get the bedtime routine streamlined. boy-child remarks, "we never have time together at home anymore."

ugh. tennis-ball size lump in throat.

must re-evaluate.

must reclaim the seemingly-evanescent time.