Monday, November 5, 2012

being human

to live; to laugh; to feel; to smile; to think; to receive information through senses, analyze, synthesize, make sense of; to plan; to change plans based on new information;

to connect

to love

to "fall in" love

to connect

80% of the human brain is wired for connection

what does this mean?

let's load the proposition a bit more; a spiritual, existential twist: i recall a beautiful image of dusty rose curtains billowing over the ledge of an open window. the caption assigned to the image by the visual editor: "love can be made in the absence of bodies but not in the absence of souls."

to be or ...

a new acquaintance has built a lifetime's work partially on the well-known cartesian precept: je pens, donc je suis, aka, cogito ergo sum.

alors, je sens, donc je suis, aka, i feel, therefore i am.

what is the capacity that renders one human? what is the missing ingredient that renders a thing not-human? i am, really, less interested in the latter than in the former.

what makes us human? is is the percentage of the brain employed relationally? is it the neocortex? is it the overall wiring of this organism? so then, it is the things that we can do and think and, concomitantly, feel, because of these structures, that make one human? must it have a sprinkle of soul and divinity? pixie dust?

should we become diogenes and relight the lamp in daytime? what truth would we be looking for?


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