Thursday, October 25, 2012

mommy group

4 young mothers work hard to find time to meet for "a quick cuppa joe."

3 hours later, half-eaten croissants, empty packets of sugar, attendant sprinkles littered onto etched-glass tabletops, mommies reluctantly gather selves, children in attendance, myriad toy pieces, board books, uncapped & (miraculously) capped markers, shove items (less children) into overflowing bags, and walk out into the fresh mid-day autumn air. reluctant to part, good-byes last longer than is comfortable - litany of to-do lists give an unpleasant push from behind - and they resolve (a bit too forcefully) to ... reconvene again.

thank God for small pleasures and warm hearts.

what's next on your to-do list, says one?

which of the multitude of to-do lists are you referring to, replies the chorus?

the one entitled ways to stay sane, says she, punctuating with a laugh?

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